The Ñuble Region has it all: Beaches mountains and valleys. It´s also the birthplace of important historical figures such as our founding father, Bernardo O’Higgins, or the great national singer-songwriter Violeta Parra.

Discover its fertile vineyards in the Itata Valley. Explore the towns of Confluencia and Quinchamalí , with their beautiful clay pottery and delicious cherries. Visit Las Trancas Valley year round, and enjoy thermal springs and sports like zip lining, mountain biking skiing and snowboarding.

Chillán welcomes you with its incredible cathedral and exquisite market, which has the best longanizas (sausages) in Chile! San Fabián de Alico can´t be missed, with it’s  huemul (South Andean deer) reserve and incredible La Plata Lake. And don’t forget Cobquecura and Buchupureo beaches.

(Source: Sernatur Región del Ñuble)

The Biobío Region is one of the most important in the country, and gets its name from the long river that crosses the region from east to west. Considered “the door to the South of Chile”, The region offers a variety of touristic sites, and gives us the perfect mix of urban and rural amenities, which includes coast, country and mountains.

With an unbelievable, wonderful diversity, the region contains the best of our natural world in an environment that is full of culture, tradition and history.  Explore and taste its varied gastronomic offerings, strongly influenced by the sea.  Often, small, unassuming restaurants will surprise you with its fusion cuisine.

(Source: Sernatur Región del Biobío) 

Welcome to Concepción

There are nearly 370,000 inhabitants in the city of Concepción. Throughout the academic year, young people from all over the country come to study at the city’s prestigious universities. Concepción is the industrial, cultural and economic capital of Southern Chile.

Concepción is also known for its intense artistic and cultural scenes, as well as easy access to all of the conveniences of a large city in constant development. One of its main attractions is the Barrio Universitario, a symbol for this city that is also known as the university capital of the south. Other areas of interest include Parque Ecuador, which has a vantage point providing some of the best views of the city, and the Parque Jorge Alessandri, where one can go on guided hikes.

The city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and offers unforgettable tourist and natural attractions for visitors.